Hi! Welcome to my website/blog/whatever this is. Thank you so much for visiting my page! If you're reading this, then it means that I have finally publicly shared the website! (It's been around half a year now). Thank you for being here, I hope you find something you like :) ...

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This is a series of my personal journey with grief. It's a record of my thoughts and feelings following the sudden death of my father. I'm writing these texts...

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A state of non-feeling - an update

"Can I still be the person I want to be, without losing any of the I am's...?"

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You made someone a villian.

You ever had the thought that you contributed to someone's villian backstory? Well, I did.

I saw a guy at the mall one day. He looked a bit weirdly dressed. Not that he's homeless, just that he didn't look very clean, and not very tidy. He was wearing a pair of loose and baggy beige cargo pants along with a white polo tee striped across the chest. His looks were uncannily similar to the Hunchback...

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We all hold an ideal of how we want to be in our hearts. A projection of who we can and want to become in our minds is what motivates us to continue working, and hopefully hard. But pursuit of the ideal should be a result of passion, instead of vice versa.

Thoughts Misplaced.

How did I get here?

Have you ever, in the middle of doing something/being somewhere, suddenly had this thought pop into your head? "How did I get here?" And I don't mean the physical place you're in, directly; but the person you've become. The series of choices and decisions you've either stumbled into or had thrown at you, ...

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