Hi! Welcome to my website/blog/whatever this is. Thank you so much for visiting my page! If you're reading this, then it means that I have finally publicly shared the website! (It's been around half a year now). Thank you for being here, I hope you find something you like :) (There used to be a bunch of sidenotes here, {like, a BUNCH}). Woah woah, curly brackets to indicate a bracketed voice inside a bracketed voice. We call this nesting in programming terms, and composition in mathematical terms (well I might be wrong about both but you can look to paragraph 2 to cure your dissatisfaction hehe). I need to stop going off on tangents. If you can't already tell, I'm very pleased with my sidenotes. They should appear at the side if you're on a big screen, and you'll need to click on the number to view it on a smaller screen. Excuse my over-explanations, I'm just excited about my website (it's more so the sidenotes, really).

This website, very simply put, is a place for me to deposit my thoughts. And I feel like this goes without saying but I still have to put it on record, IT'S ALL ~~~opinion~~~ (it's good to keep in mind that I'm just another dumb kid in his 20s).

I will also be adding more content to the page (slowly), and that the website is still largely under construction (aren't we all too, deep down really).

Last thing, if you've been looking around the website and have a somewhat good eye you'll notice that there's an email written at the bottom of the page (sorry if you're colourblind, don't have your glasses on, or phone is too small). Feel free to shoot me any thoughts or feedback that you have. I promise that I'll try not to use curly brackets as much XD. In fact, at the time of updating this, I've only used curly brackets once, and that's here!