Thoughts Misplaced.

How did I get here?

Have you ever, in the middle of doing something/being somewhere, suddenly had this thought pop into your head? "How did I get here?" And I don't mean the physical place you're in, directly; but the person you've become. The series of choices and decisions you've either stumbled into or had thrown at you, that led you to the very moment you're in. Maybe it's not very interesting. Maybe you have it all figured out. Or maybe you've never thought about it. I think it's pretty interesting to think about the orchestration of circumstances that harmonised together to bring you to exactly where you are today, on top of the decisions you've made (or been forced to make).

It's good to take stock of what you have once in awhile. Recount the steps. Look back in the mental photo album. You don't want to let life breeze past you like gushing wind, not knowing what you've missed. Or worse, what you've experienced. It's funny though; how, in a way you have to be present in a moment to not miss it, but sometimes you need to pull yourself out of it to realise where you're really at. Interestingly enough, the ability of us humans to pull out of what we're doing for a moment to re-evaluate, is what distinguishes us from artificial intelligence. No matter how advanced AI gets, they're just executing a series of interconnected algorithms that have very specific instructions. I think that the posture you have in life right now is intertwined with the organisation of your thoughts. Granted, we don't always need to have our shit together, but in my experience the more you clarify your thoughts, the more grounded you'll feel.

But it's okay to be lost a bit, sometimes. The interplay between being lost and having your life together is really what makes a person grow. It's the tug-of-war between order and chaos, yin and yang, heaven and hell.

[This work is incomplete.]