A dream

Green grass, gentle breeze
You're here, with a dream
Dreaming about something real, something meaningful
But what is meaningful?
And what does it mean to dream?

An old dream.

I fill my head with many thoughts,
reminiscing the times we once had.
I look up and see nothing but blue,
surrealism follows my thoughts of you.

I'm showered with memories,
reviving the moments we once shared.
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A little dark?

We wonder, wander through life
Sometimes we stumble, sometimes we thrive
How I wish we could just die
To free us from the death inside


I wanted her to experience the world with me,
but she knew the world wasn't that kind;
and I was too naïve to see it.

Or maybe, just maybe, I didn't want to see;
for seeing would mean that it'd all go away.

Chances, Chances

A chance not taken is like,
A sneeze that won't come out,
An itch that you can't find,
A poop that's stuck at the exit.

A breeze that never cools,
A bong that never boils,
Acoustics that never sound right.
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